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Blog: You name here!
saia diTAG oleh sista hawanis!!
Saturday, December 11, 2010 | 7:03 PM | 0 comments
name :Nur Fatihah Bt Noor Hishamuddin Shah
brother(s) : onli have 4 naughty little brother
Eye Colour :dark brown kodd =)(ta pena usha pown)
shoe size :7 kodd
hair : aurat!!!
piercings :cannot tell
height : 168cm kodd tinggi tuh =)
what are you wearing right now : t-shirt.
where do you live : perlis
favourite number :8 tha number of my bufday
favourite drink : teh ais.
favourite month :july
favourite breakfast : anything. make by my mom :P


broken a bone : No 
been in a police car :tak pena.tgk banyak kali arh
fallen for a friend :hahaha
fallen for a guy/gurl for a short period :nono
swam in the ocean : pena..sampai lemas tu.naseb baek umor pnjg lagi
fallen asleep in school : rutin harian =)
broken someone's hearts : err, yess. haha
cried when someone died : yess. of coz :(
sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : nope :) 
saved emails : yess kodd :D
been cheated on :berani ka???bagi satgi kodd


your room look like :hahah...cannot tell la
what is right beside you : ps2
what is the last thing you eat : mee goreng . maveles. 2 kali tmbh.pastu gmok


who did you last yell : adek.kacau nk maen  komputer plk
who was the last person you dance with : my little bro
who last made you smile : ..............


what are you listening to right now :the friends favourite songs
what did you do today : like always. -.-" nothing. haha
are you the oldest :yepppp
indoors or outdoors : indoors . protect the skin. haha :D


talk to someone you like : no.. :| hee~
kiss anyone :nak ka??
sing :yep.1 of my obby
talk to an ex : haha. x.
miss someone : difintely, yess.
eat : yesss ! haha. bpa pgn dh mkn.


you talked on the phone :cina mana tah.tiba2 call
made you cry :tatau..tb malam tadi kodd:(
you went to the mall with :family........bole bodek sikit
who cheered you up : my friends for sure :)


been in mexico :x.awat nk tolong biaya kaa :)
been to USA : xhingin. haha :D


have crush on someone : yess.
what book are you reading right now :ikhtihar hidop di gua..cita budak2
best feeling in the world : bnyk cgt. HAHA. :D sumanya best !
do you sleep with a stuffed animal: x.tak...takot.hehe
what's under your bed :my barang2
favourite sport(s) : Bola Baling. haha
favourite space : rumah . :)
who do you really hate : setan ! haha
Do you have a job : coming soon. haha
what time is it now :11.02 am
*sapa baca itu bermakna anda ditag yea!!!!

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