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auuwmm !
Friday, December 2, 2011 | 10:44 PM | 0 comments

it won’t be the same if you leave part of it behind.

haihaihaihai . #lambaikn tgn .. Nak dengar satu cerita ark ? Umpa x mau dgk ,, aq nk cita gak .. 
Td kannn ,, aq jumpa Kim Hyung Joong .. #tipu
Dya ckap dya nk mai rmah aq . #muhong
Btoi ,, aq x tipu pnyaa . #jgn caya . 
Wei smpah aq borink laa neyh . #btoi
Aq tatiau nk wat paa laa neyh .. 
Aq malaih nk chat laa .. 
Sbb ,, aq tatiau aq nk chat ngan spa .. 
Tapa laa .. Aq nk off dlu ..
Sayonara :)

reblog, all you beautiful single people. xDD It’s true, I’ve never had a real boyfriend, but love is always possible. ;D 
valentine’s day pictures~

p/s : Aq ska gla gmbq neyh :)

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